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Tess Walks!

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Tess Olivia is now among the walking. See proof here.

This past Friday night Jon, Celia, Murray, Todd and I went into Kobe and had some Kobe beef and saw the light display in the memory of the Hanshin Earthquake in Kobe in 1995. It was spectacular (and cold). Here are the photos.

The last box from the States arrived today, and so we are now ready for some serious wrapping and hiding. We will have Christmas on the 19th before we go to Bali on the 21st. We will put photos and video footage up before we head off.

Have a great holiday season!

Christmas Prep Work

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Now that it is the end of January and the holidays have long since passed, I can sit down with my photos and look back at the past holiday season.

I returned back to work on December 6th and worked frantically to tie up all of the loose ends.  Todd and I had to pack for Canada, Florida and Texas for 7 weeks.  We made our final travel plans, and we flew out the night of the 22nd of December (which was our last day at school).  

The flight was long and we almost missed our flight to Calgary and we thought we were not going to get our luggage.  Luckily everything worked out.  

Here is a video of Riley eating popcorn in Lima before we left for the holidays.  Also there are photos of Santa and Riley.  There are photos and a video of Riley painting picture frames for her grandparents.  Finally, here are the photos of our 30 minute stop in the Houston airport on the way to Calgary on December 23rd.

Riley’s Special Week

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I know you are all probably thinking that Christmas week and Riley's birthday (the 31st) would be her special week. Well, you are wrong.

Her special week was November 20 – 24. That week was all about Riley at Nido. I made three posters of all things Riley: her family, her likes, and her life. Most people just bring one poster, but I am a supreme over achiever, and I was on maternity leave with not much else to do. In addition to having posters up of her, Todd and I went in on Thursday, Thanksgiving, and brought frames for all of the students to paint and give to their family as gifts.

Here are some photos from her special week (and a couple of cute photos from November). Here are some videos from her special week: playing and painting.

More videos and photos soon, Rachel!




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My time as a stay at home mom is almost at an end. I return back to work a week from Wednesday.

I am not sure how I feel about that. I never thought I would make it this far without the stimulus and excitement that work brings (I do ACTUALLY enjoy my job). Luckily I have had to go in to help in lessons, field trips and meetings, so I haven't been completely isolated from adult English conversation.

I enjoy being at home with the girls, especially with the help of two nannies/housekeepers. I know I will miss the amount of time with them, but not going back to work sounds like a death sentence (for me – and I in no way criticize those who choose not to continue with work).

My main concern is how difficult breastfeeding becomes when you return to work. So far it has been an enjoyable experience with little to no stress. Shortly I will have to pump, feed her formula, or race home several times a day. Luckily I get an hour off each day to pump or return home and living only a five minute walk away makes that remotely possible – but still stressful.

I cannot believe how fast the time has flown and how quickly the girls have grown up in that time. Tess is HUGE!! Almost 15 pounds and long. She is holding her up and doing baby push ups! She is trying to roll over and pushes her legs out to crawl!! Riley is a little chatterbox and we can usually understand about half of her words. Her favorite word right now is cae (which means "it falls") everything falls (or really more like Riley drops or throws everything).

I have FIVE new videos. Wow!! I know. We have had a lot for awhile now and I just needed to sit down and render them into a usable size. First up is Riley in our front garden in her Halloween costume as a Texas A&M Cheerleader. Next up is a video showing off Tess incredible neck strength. Then there is a short clip from our latest visit to the Zoo. The final two videos are from this past weekend when Riley and Tess were playing in Riley's room. The first in the series is DJ REW which was immediately followed by Sitting and Smiling.

In addition to this wonderful array of video clips, there are also new photos in the November 2006 album. There are photos of Riley playing at school, Tess sleeping, Riley playing with her color while wearing a winter vest and her gloves, and Riley jumping on a trampoline at a friend's second birthday party.



Would you like to stare at babies all weekend long? If so, you are in luck!

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I am sorry if you have visited the page recently and found an error message. Apparently we have exceeded our traffic limits (too much downloading and uploading) and the credit card we gave the people wasn't valid anymore, having expired in June, so they cut us off.

After Todd typed in the information from our valid credit card and Kirsten made a nice, but firm phone call, we have our page back.

I promise not to disappoint. We have FOUR videos available for download. One is of Riley and Tess from the first couple of weeks. It is short and a little out of date, but seriously cute. The next video is really a Trilogy. I tried to put the three clips in one video, but the video quality was horrible that I made three different videos (Part I, Part II, Part III). Each file is just over 6 MB.

Last, but not least are the still more photos from September when my mom was here. Also, Lindsay was in town last week and we did nothing but shop, eat, and play with babies and there are tons of photos to prove it.

Tess is growning by the second and is close to toping 10 pounds. She is lifting her head, smiling, and laughing. I cannot believe how much she is changing. However, she has kept her blue eyes and dark hair.

Riley is hilarious. She is prone to temper tantrums when you don't understand her or don't give her exactly what she wants only seconds after she wants it, but usually she comes out of them pretty quickly. She is saying new words every day – puppy, bug, bee, knee, mono (Spanish for monkey) are new since last Saturday. Her reactions to Elmo and herself in the mirror are priceless – lots of giggles and adorable facial expressions. I woke up last night at midnight to hear her plaintively calling out "Elmo" from her bedroom.

Todd is working on putting up his play in 2 and a half weeks, and I am half way finished with my maternity leave.

We are excited about returning to North America for some Christmas fun and we will hopefully find a job. We will be in Banff from the 23rd to the 28th of December and then Houston until the 13th of February. At some point during our stay in Houston we will go to a job fair, but we still have not agreed upon when and where.

We miss everyone bunches, but it has been nice to have company recently. If you are even remotely considering coming to Peru, you have only a few months left. May and June are the nicest months for Machu Picchu because it is the end of the rainy season and the beginning of the dry season. We will be leaving Peru in early July, so make your plans now.

Week 1 with 2

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So far so good. I feel as I type those words that I am just begging for something to go wrong. Tess is sleeping beautifully. Over the last three nights she has slept for 5, 8.5, and 6 hours continuous hours!! With everyone getting good sleep, things haven't been too stressful.

However, Todd's week long paternity leave has now officially ended. Luckily next week is only a three day week for Todd and then we have a 4 day long weekend. My mom arrives tonight so we should survive the next couple of weeks. Can you tell that my biggest fear is being left alone with Riley and Tess?

This week has been actually enjoyable for Todd and I. After wrestling the baby away from the clinic we returned home early in the afternoon on Monday – just before Riley came home from Nido. On Tuesday Todd, Tess, and I headed to the grocery store while Riley was at Nido. Wednesday Todd, Tess, and I headed out again and hit the newest Starbucks for some free wireless internet. Thursday Tess and I walked to school with Gloria, Marlene, and Riley for some fun in the Elementary School playground. Finally, on Friday we headed back to Starbucks and then on to the grocery store – again! Nothing super entertaining, but it was good to get out of the house. My recovery has been very speedy – Thank you Tess.

It has been great getting to know Tess and her ways – which lucky for us – are easy to interpret. I made two videos, which are essentially just clips connected by fading. These are not the cinematic wonders that Todd creates, but they will satiate your need for all things Riley and Tess Welbes. The first video is of Tess and the second one is Riley and Tess. There are also new pictures of the girls.



Video: Riley Wigs Out

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Check out our latest baby video to see Riley completely lose it.

I’m not sure if she snuck a pixie stick, figured out what’s in Daddy’s hip flask, or what, but she gets a little loopy here.

On the plus side, she’s pretty cute.

June is finally upon us

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In the states June means heat and summer vacation.

Here in the Welbes household June has other meanings.

  • elections
  • birthdays
  • still in school!
  • winter
  • despedidas
  • visitors


All Peru is voting once again. Word on the street is that there could be protests depending on the outcome. School is still on for Monday, so life goes on for us. No alcohol for sale, though, Friday through Monday. Not that it really matters to me.


Todd and I celebrate our 30ths this year. So far neither of us has had much time to think about the change in decade.


Our last day for school is June 28th, but really we finish up this Friday with next week being review, the week after is finals, and then a half week to close up shop.


The weather in Lima is always temperate, but we have a “summer” and a “winter”. Summer is from Mid November to Mid May and then winter is Mid May to Mid November. In summer everyday is sunny and warm. In winter everyday is gray and misty. When the “seasons” change you get days like it has been – gray and misty in the morning, and then sunny and warm in the afternoon. This sounds nice, but when it is gray and misty, you put on pants, socks, and sweaters. Then when it reaches the mid 80s by 3pm, and you are boiling.


June is the month of good-byes (despedida) at international schools. We have approximately 12 people leaving the high school, and three people leaving the middle school. Neither Todd or I work in elementary so we have no idea. Some of these are people that we barely know, and some of them are our good friends. So June tends to be a rather sad month, full of tearful good-byes.


Finally, our favorite part of June. I don’t know why, but most people who visit come in June. June/July is the best time to see Machu Picchu because it is the “dry” season (it still rained on us). This year Vicky and Dan, Todd’s mom and stepdad, will be visiting us from the 27th of June through the 8th of July. In the middle they will head to Machu Picchu because it rivals Riley in amazing sights of Peru.

In other news, the my evaluation visit went well, and we will know the outcome in 2-3 months. Todd’s play is coming together and goes up this Wednesday. And finally, Riley is honest to goodness, really walking – almost exactly at 17 months. Todd and I are both enjoying her hilarious gait. Here are some photos and video of her practicing her new skill. Also this is a picture of me last week – 24 weeks pregnant.

A little news from all the Welbi

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I have decided that I have so much to say that I am going divide it into family members, starting with the youngest and ending with the oldest.


We had our big 4D ultrasound on Thursday. We walked into the room and there was a 45″ flat panel television on the wall where Todd (who was seated on a comfy black leather couch) and I could see everything.

  • All internal organs working and developed – check
  • Brain developing – check
  • Femur size, abdomen size, and head size equal age – check
  • Still a girl – check
  • My cervix long and completely closed – check
  • Blood flow moving and at a good speed – check
  • Spine formed and all within body – check
  • No cleft lip – check
  • 10 fingers and 10 toes – check
  • Looks just like Riley – check

Todd and I now relax and wait 16 more weeks for her arrival. For pics from this ultrasound go here.


Riley is walking now more than ever. She can get to a standing position without holding onto anything and then walk. She still prefers to crawl, but she is feeling more and more confident every day.

She loves to watch photos of herself in the morning. We know this because she screams “bebe” until she appears on the screen. Occasionally we play, “Footprints”, a game with Elmo from Elmo is watching footprints on the beach and then you have to click the footprint that is the same on the beach. When you get it right, Elmo yells, “Wow”! and then the animal walks across the screen. The round ends when the wave washes the footprints away and a new set appears. Here is some video of her playing the game. She laughs. She practices her sign language. She says “bebe” once, but I talked over it. She points. She clicks the left mouse button.

Of course, there are more photos.


Tomorrow is a big day for the Welbes family. It’s Todd and I’s 7th wedding anniversary. But more importantly, I have three international visitors in town to inspect my work from the last two years. If they like what they see and hear, then FDR will become an authorized MYP (Middle Years Programme) school. If they don’t, then I don’t know what will happen. They are here for two days, but we won’t know a final answer until probably the end of June. Everyone keep your fingers crossed for me. This is the last big thing I am doing for the school. They have already appointed someone to take my place. We are job sharing next year, but as I will be on maternity leave for most of it, then I am really just helping and not running the program anymore.


Todd has a play going up on the 7th, 8th, and 9th of June, The Dispute. It is a bilingual production with three directors and 10 cast members, which is probably the best ratio he has worked with so far. Todd decided that he wanted to write a post all of his own, so I will let him tell HIS interesting story from the week. We all know it’s going to be hilarious.

Happy Mother’s Day Video

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It’s sort of a re-run, but I’ve needed to put this video together and post it for a while now. It’s from December, so think of it as Christmas and Mother’s Day rolled into one.