The Highs and Lows of July

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Well, I would love to say that there were some low temperatures in July, but that ended up not being the case. Everywhere we went – Houston, Austin, Victoria, New York City, and Florida all ended up being almost 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Yikes!


July started out with a great plan, but a bad execution. Vicky and Dan watched the girls for the entire weekend while we went to Austin for Kevin and Sarah’s wedding. However, my neck was out of whack from the flight, and it was just getting worse. I finally ended up at the chiropractor, which only worsened the situation. It was so bad that I spent the wedding and half of the reception at the Brackenridge Medical Center, but I left with painkillers, muscle relaxers, and extra strength ibuprofen. I enjoyed catching up with high school friends – even if I was in pain and on drugs. Then we headed back to Houston where I visited another chiropractor who fixed me.  By then it was the 8th of July, and I had lost an entire week and the 4th of July to a drugged up stupor. I have been told that the kids were great and really enjoyed the fireworks.

Too hot at the Houston Zoo

Then we hung out in Houston doing all of the touristy stuff. Our visit to the Houston Zoo was a bust. It was just too hot. However, our trip to Space Center was fabulous, but getting lost in Clear Lake, where I grew up, sucked! Then we went to Houston Museum of Natural Science and the butterfly exhibit, which is always a hit. We didn’t get to see a ton of Todd, but we did get to see Kung Fu Panda 2, which was our first movie theater experience as a family.

Sisters snuggle while Gramps does all of the work



We also got to go down to Victoria to visit with my dad and stepmom. The highlight of the visit was taking the boat out and going fishing, which Tess tired of in about 10 minutes, but everyone caught a fish!


Then it was off to New York City. Todd went with his Masters program, and I flew on a separate plane with the girls. The girls and I were having so much fun going to museums, playgrounds, and parks. The High Line was my favorite. The girls’ favorite was going up in the Empire State Building at night. Lindsey, our babysitter, made it possible for me to go and see Freud’s Last Session, Upright Citizens Brigade, and War Horse, which were all very different and all very good.


Then the girls and I headed to Ft. Lauderdale to visit with Grandma and Grandpa Mau and enjoying the pool and beach and doing some much needed R and R.



So to recap July:

High: Girls in Summer Camp at Nature Discovery Center with Mary Ann

Low: My neck

High: Seeing friends in Austin and being at Kevin and Sarah’s wedding

Low: My neck

High: Having fun with the girls in Houston and catching up with friends

Low: The heat

High: Visiting with family and taking the girls on the boat

Low: Houston Zoo

High: Space Center Houston with Laura and Mitsuyo-san

Low: 1st day in New York City

High: All other days in New York City

Low: Barely seeing Todd

High: Visiting with family in Florida

Low: Realizing that this is really the end of our summer

Here are the photos from Texas, New York City and Florida.

Here are two videos from New York City: T Rex and Ferris Wheel

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