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May 2011 – A bit of a blur

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I really don’t remember much about May. It was just have a huge work evaluation at the end of April a nice few days break for Golden Week.  My senior class, Diploma Geography, finished their course at the end of the April, so I was down to two classes. We were also starting to prepare for the Kimbros arrival at the beginning of June.

The kids at the beginning of the tunnel

May is usually the first month that it gets warm enough to explore outside without a coat on, and so we took advantage of a beautiful May to do some hiking with the Schatzkys and play in the River Mall. Here are the few photos from this month.

On final event of note was our ITGS students put together an auction where people in our community offered services that they would provide, and the money raised would be given to Tohoku relief. Zoe, Riley’s friend and classmate, won a Fancy Nancy Tea Party put on my our elementary librarian and a 5th grade teacher, and Riley and Tess were guests. They loved it. Here are the photos.