…and we’re back (in January 2011)

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That was definitely the longest break from the blog that I’ve ever taken. I have to say that it was mostly due to some very good books that I’ve been reading, but also, I it’s probably more about avoiding touching a computer once I am home.

So to rewind to January, we’d just returned from Yokohama with Tony, Lindsay and Bob. It was a great Christmas, and Riley turned 6! The exciting adventures of January continued on when we went to Nara to watch the burning of the hill.


We get a local magazine here called the Kansai Scene. In this magazine, there are always a ton of cool events that are happening all around our area. However, we rarely get out to them because of the time and distance involved. Now that the girls are getting older, 4 and 6, and we don’t need a stroller, an enormous bag of snacks, nor a diaper bag, we are trying to get out and see more and do more in Japan.

So when a big group of friends decided to head to Nara for the burning of the hill, we decided to join them.  We aren’t sure why they burn the hill, but they do. They also set off some amazing fireworks. The girls were fantastic, but it was COLD. Here are the photos.

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  1. #1 mbk114

    What were the books you were reading?

  2. #2 Kirsten

    I’ve been reading the Game of Thrones books and the Sweep series.

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