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Book Characters

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Last week, the girls had to pick their favorite book characters, and then they had to say which Learner Profile trait they showed. Finally, on Friday they came dressed up as their character, went on a parade, and finally made a human bar graph depending on what Learner Profile trait they picked.

Riley chose Diary of Fly as her book, with Fly being the character.  Her trait was risk-taker because Fly wants to be a super hero.

Tess chose Diary of a Spider as her book, with Spider being the character.  Her trait was open-minded because she didn’t want to eat Fly.

Fly and Spider are best friends.

The books are actually hilarious, and we own Diary of a Worm, who is the third friend in the trio, but no one wanted to come dressed as a worm.

Here are the photos.  There are some from Thanksgiving in the album as well.