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Choice Comments – from the Report Cards!

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At Canadian Academy, the elementary school gives report cards three times a year.  For the younger grades, they use this scale:

  • Developed (Best)
  • Progressing
  • Time needed to develop
  • Not yet assessed

The girls usually are all Ps at this time of year.  Here are few exceptions:

  1. D – Takes appropriate risks to try new things.  (Tess – Like I needed to clarify that.  If that girl had an ounce more evil, she would be hard to handle.)
  2. T – Uses correct pencil grip. (Tess – She holds with all of her fingers.  I didn’t know it was possible to do that until I saw Tess do it.)
  3. D – Speaks in complete sentences (Riley – Who can sound quite like a teenager lately.)
  4. D – Demonstrates whole body dexterity (Riley – I was surprised by this because I don’t think of her as very coordinated.  I guess I need to get a clue.)

The girls both have Ds for some of their Mathematics benchmarks, but the part where they rock the report card is Reading.  Tess has almost all Ds, and Riley is developed already for every benchmark in reading!  Riley’s reading is extraordinary.  I’ve got to record it and upload a video or audio file.  That kid reads with ease!  Yay!  Tess is also gaining new sight words every day.

Here are some excerpts of the written comments by her classroom, music, art and PE teachers.

“Her risk taking skills are improving as well.” – Riley

“She enjoyed participating in the yoga class with the yoga guru.” – Riley

“Riley has become the quiet, dependable one in class.”

“Riley has strong ideas and likes but is also flexible.”

“She has a good relationship with her teachers and her classmates.” – Tess

“She asks thoughtful questions during discussions.” – Tess

“Tess is creative, flexible, and generally fun to work with.”

“Tess eagerly joins the group with a sweet tuneful voice and confident musical ideas.”

Todd and I were just talking about what a great Early Childhood Program the school has.  The girls have lovely teachers and are experiencing some amazing teaching that is also fun!

From the mouth of babes #6

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Since the grandmothers are asking for Christmas lists, I sat down with the girls, and I asked them what they wanted for Christmas.  This is the ONLY thing they said,




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Now that Tony and Lindsay live in Japan we saw them in Kobe for Tess’s birthday.  We’d also decided to travel together.  Since our Fall Breaks overlapped, we all decided to head to Bangkok and Koh Samui.  We shopped and ate our way through Bangkok.  Then we relaxed for a week on the beach and by the pool.

Riley and Tess both swam without the arm floaties.  Riley swam the entire length of the pool, while Tess swam the short side.  The adults played a couple games of trivial pursuit and numerous pass and plays of Scramble.

We had a great time and really spent the time relaxing and getting tons of massages.  Here are our photos from our trip.