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From the mouth of babes #5

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We’ve been cleaning and unpacking for 4 straight days! Yuck. Yesterday, I asked Riley to help put some of their stuff away.

Her response, “I don’t want to work, I just want to play.”

I think we can agree with her.

End of the Summer

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Well, the last weekend of the summer has started.  It is such a bittersweet time.  Todd and I have to go back to work, which means the end of “Mommy and Daddy Time.”  However, the girls are so excited to start school!  Riley will be entering Kindergarten (we call it KB at our school), and Tess will start KA.

Todd and I are almost over jet lag, which has been very rough this time.  The girls slept through the night last night without waking up and demanding food, my computer, or hotty milky (every thing Tess says ends with a “y”).  However, we are all waking up ridiculously early, which is great because we can get stuff done, but it is not so good as we all fall asleep before 9 at night.

Since we’ve arrived, Todd and I have been gutting the house and balconies.  Every 10 years apartment complexes get completely redone on the outside.  What that means for us is that everything will have to come off of the balconies.  Yikes!  We store a lot of crap out there, so we are in the process of applying to throw away things (which you have to do with the city when it doesn’t fit in a 45 Liter trash bag.  We are throwing away: Tessy’s crib, Riley’s twin bed, a wooden hanging stand, two chairs, an old easel, a wooden lattice screen, an old dresser, an old ottoman, and a huge suitcase that we had to bring back to Japan to carry all of our crap!  I also need to remove all of my plants and plant pots, which is less of a problem since they all died over the summer.  We are also keeping a table and 2 chairs and a pop up play house filled with balls.  I am not sure where those are going to fit in the house, but we’ll figure out something.

It will undoubtedly be a bit before I update further.  The beginning of school is never an easy, relaxing time.  Look for something in early September when we celebrate Tessy’s 4th birthday (with Auntie Lindsay and Uncle Tony!)

Todd comes back from London

Here are some more photos of Lindsay’s wedding.  I am still working on getting some photos from the photographer, and the last of the summer photos.

From the mouth of babes #4

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Riley and I were having a conversation, and she said, “What does ‘ohm’ mean?”

I misheard her and said, “‘Um’ means that people can’t think of what to say, so they say ‘um’ instead.”

Then she said, “No, mommy, ‘ohm’ is the sound of the universe.”

What??!! Todd and I looked at each other, and it was clear that neither one of us taught her that.

So I asked, “Riley, who taught you that?”

Her response, “The Yoga ABC video.”