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From the mouth of babes #3

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So we dropped off Todd on Friday evening at the airport, and he headed to London with his Masters program.  Then the girls and I swung around the Beltway and headed to Victoria to visit my dad and stepmom.

The girls were great in the car.  I’d put the toys in the trunk instead of with them, so we talked a lot of the way to Victoria.  We said hello and good-bye to each city we passed.  I talked about the countryside versus the city when they freaked out and asked where were all of the people.  I explained about farming and ranching.  We talked about why people raise food and animals.  We counted USA and Texas flags.

Upon entering my dad’s property we saw two rabbits, six cows, swans, goats, and a donkey.  The girls were so excited, and when they saw the inflated pool waiting for them, they could barely keep their clothes on.

All in all, they had a great time.  Please check out my facebook profile for the few pictures that I took.

On the way home it was a quieter trip.  I was drifting down memory lane, and the girls were talking to each other.  My mind was a million miles away when I began to catch the end of the conversation that the girls were having.  It went something like this:

Tess says, “I want to take a bath in Vivi’s bathtub.”

Riley responds, “Well, Vivi has to be babysitting us, and mom has to be gone.”

Tess asks, “Where does mom have to go?”

Riley responds, “She has to go to a restaurant.”

Tess asks (to me), “Mom, are you going to a restaurant?”

I was laughing too hard to answer.  I mean, who has these conversations?  I guess this is what happens when you mix my genes (loves baths) together with Todd’s genes (hilarity).


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The girls are headed to the Oliveros for a playdate

It seems like every time we head Stateside we are always busy beyond belief.  This summer is ending up just the same.

We originally planned to come to Houston this summer for Lindsay’s and Tony’s wedding.  However, then Todd was accepted in the University of Houston Master of Arts in Theatre.  So we’ve been in Houston since the end of June.  Todd’s program has him at school from 9-9 Monday through Thursday.  Then he is off Friday through Sunday.

The girls and I have been playing, swimming, going to dance lessons, gymnastic lessons and Riley is in a Nature Camp.

Next week Todd heads to London for his Master’s program, and then I head to my Dad’s house, and then my Mom comes.

Then we are in Houston for another 10 days.  I am looking forward to some family time relaxing and visiting with friends.

Here are some photos from the first part of our trip.  Here are the photos from the Bridal Breakfast.