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From the mouth of babes #2

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It was late in the afternoon shortly after we arrived in Houston.

We were all laying on the couch and watching soccer.

Tessy was a little tired and hungry, and says, “I really, really want some cheese.”

I said, “I’ll go downstairs in a little bit, Tessy.”

She responds with, “I really, really want some cheese now.”

After this point I ignore her pleas for cheese.

She immediately turns her attention to Uncle Tony, and says, “I really, really love your tatoo.”

And then after a few seconds, comes out with, “I really, really want a tatoo.”

From the mouth of babes #1

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Riley tells her sister what to do.

I respond with, “Riley you are not the boss of Tessy.”

Then I ask, “Who is the boss?”

Riley and Tessy answer in unison, “Mommy is the boss!”

I follow up with, “Isn’t Daddy the boss, too?”

Riley quickly answers, “Daddy is the cooking boss.”

We’ve arrived, and already there are cute photos.

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The flights were great – on time, light turbulence, and good kids.  And after one jet-lagged night, we all seem to be on a normal schedule.  Since we’ve arrived, the girls have been playing non-stop.  Here are some photos of them playing in Japan before we left and from our day in Houston.

Lost Christmas photos and events from June

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Last Christmas we relaxed for a couple of weeks in Hawaii.  It was a great time, and I cannot wait to go back.  While we were there, we borrowed some ocean kayaks for the afternoon and headed out into the water.  I brought my camera because I thought I would be able to get some great photos.  Unfortunately, I forgot that I had it with me when I stood up to get out of the kayak.  The camera ended up in the water.

Yes! An awesome picture in the kayaks - and then my camera died.

For my birthday I asked Todd for a new camera because I know that he will have his all day during his Master’s program this summer.  I got a cute new Canon SD4000 in red, and when I put in the memory card that floating around our house, I found that it was the card from the sunken camera in Hawaii – and there were still Hawaiian photos on it!

So I am uploading photos from the opening of the pool in the Kobe Club, photos from around Kobe, photos from Kachoen and the lost photos from Hawaii here in the June and Lost Christmas album.  The order of the pictures stinks.  I guess it has to do with mixing photos from two cameras.

I am also uploading the photos of the girls taken at school this past year. Again the organization of the photos is horrible.  I will try to explain everything necessary in the captions.

June is always so bittersweet.  I love that it is summer and we have so much more free time for each other and for ourselves, but it is the end of a year, and people always move on – although not so many this year.