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Japanese Marketing (unfortunate)

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I’m pretty sure the guy up on the corner is as freaked out by that kid as I am.

April and May Update

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I remember three things about April it was cold, wet and busy.  Luckily, when we had big plans, the rain stayed away, but EVERY other day it rained, especially on Thursdays when Riley, Tess, and I all ride our bikes to swimming lessons.

The girls enjoy a snowcone

Our first big event in April was the International Food Day, where many countries have food booths at school.  Tess was in National Costume Contest as a Peruvian Soccer Player (photos in the April album), and Riley sang two songs to kick off the event (with the KA and KB classes – video on facebook).  There was also face painting, balloon animals, and music groups.  The girls had a blast, and Todd and I totally enjoyed ourselves.  I was overseeing the 10th grade volunteers for the event, but I still managed to have a great time with the help of all of the great food, and they even served beer and wine to those of age.  The rain  stayed away the entire day!

The girls on the swings

We also had three birthday parties this month for: Denis, Jazz and Andrew/Zoe.  The girls love going to birthday parties because they know they are going to get a goodie bag and cake.  They loved Denis’s birthday party because they were able to chase the kitties while we were inside, and play on the most dangerous outdoor kid toy EVER: a metal enormous boat.  The other two parties were at playgrounds, which is 1/2 way to awesome.  Riley has learned to pump on a swing, while Tess still needs to be pushed.  I HATE pushing swings.  It makes me a little nauseous, and it is boring.  Soon, soon, they will both be able to pump, and I will be in playground heaven!  For those three days the rain stayed away as well.

We wrapped up the end of the month with lots of fun.  The 24th of April began with a small group of 10th graders and about 5 teacher chaperones volunteering at a local orphanage.  The kids made necklaces, painted finger nails, made animal puppets, made whirlygigs, and bounced bouncy balls into different sized buckets.  Then we went outside to play jump rope, parachute, and run around and play.  I also made two cakes to share with everyone.  Then on the way back to our island, I was dropped in Sannomiya to make my way to Kitano for a special lunch.  Todd went in earlier to take a cooking lesson from the amazing chef that cooked our Valentine’s dinner.   Then we made it home for a couple hours, and then headed out for the Teacher Appreciation Dinner put on by the PTA (It did rain a little during our orphanage visit).  Then the next Friday was 80s night a local British pub.  They have an awesome DJ and a little dance floor.  A couple of my friends went with me, and we danced the entire night away.  The company and the music was fantastic!

BBQ at the river

April screamed to a halt, just in time for us to enjoy a 5 day weekend because the of the Japanese holiday Golden Week.  This holiday always happens at the beginning of May when several holidays line up and most people get a week off work.  We stayed around Kobe picnicking, BBQing, swimming, and enjoying the fabulous weather, which felt more like summer than spring. We’ve also ventured into Harborland, a small amusement park in central Kobe.  The girls loved every second and wanted to ride the roller coaster, but they need to grow about 15-20 more centimeters.  Today, I had lovely Mother’s Day with a great breakfast, some relaxing, okonomiyaki for lunch, a massage, and new flowers for my “gardens” on our balconies.

Now we are gearing up for a huge finish to the year.  Todd is in the faculty play which goes up next weekend, the next weekend we head camping, then the week after that is the faculty end of the year party, the week after that is graduation, and the next weekend school is over.  We then have two weeks of summer school, followed by 6 weeks in the States.

Here are some pictures from April and May.