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Nearly did forget

In : El Japan, Kiddo, Picture Pages, Posted by on Jan.01, 2010

Oh yea, we are back.  Safe and sound.  The flight was horrible because of turbulence, but the girls were great.

We’ve been hanging out at the house and changing things around now that the girls are sharing a room, our tatami room is now a dining room, and Riley’s old bedroom is now the playroom.

I also happened to get a stomach flu on Monday, so that sucked.

Luckily, I’ve recovered enough to go to the outlet mall today, which was better than expected.  Or worse if you are my husband.

Christmas!  Santa's gifts are in the red wrapping with white dots.

Last night (real early this morning) I was thinking about all the things there is to think about when you are jet lagged, and I realized that I had not collected and shared the photos from Christmas.  I mean the Christmas observed when Santa came – not the Christmas Day when we saw the whales.  Have I mentioned that we saw amazing whales?

So here is a link to photos of Christmas stockings, Christmas presents, and Christmas bunk beds.

I hope all of you had a great holiday season and are in the midst of a fantastic new year.