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A Thanksgiving Message from Tess

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In Tess’s pre-school class, the teachers often ask questions and transcribe the kids’ answers. On their recent day devoted to American Thanksgiving, Tess reminded us all not to forget the little things:


Can you spot the difference?

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Riley with Mommy:


Riley with Panda (the same day):


What does that panda have that I don’t?!

More exciting times in October

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Here are more pictures from Tess’s Shichi-Go-San.  The album also includes some of the girls around town, and tons of pictures from Halloween celebrations.

White Chocolate Ghosts - courtesy of Martha Stewart.

Over the last 48 hours here is what I made or created:

My mom helped out by making:

The game was a success except for the two pumpkins that exploded and left rice all over the floor.  The cheesecakes were delicious.  The popcorn was yummy and a nice break from all of the chocolate.  The white chocolate ghosts were fun and easy to make, but melted very quickly even after freezing them.  The soup and the eggs were both great and again a nice break from all of the sweets.

So today I have been packing up all of the Halloween stuff in a Coopers beer box for next year.  We even had to throw away the pumpkin because it rotten and molded so quickly.

So now I am trying to decide if we are going to celebrate Thanksgiving or not.