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It’s like September and October never happened.

In : General, Posted by on Oct.10, 2009

After Tess’s birthday, Todd went on the Fall Trips with the middle school.   This year he went to Awaji Island, which is just about an hour drive away.  He was only gone a few days, and it passed so quickly because he came home Friday afternoon, and we spent the weekend together.


As soon as he got home, I was off to Bangkok for work.  Here are some photos that I took during a few hours not in a workshop.  I was only gone for about five days, but I arrived back on Monday morning (of a school holiday).  Unfortunately, it means that we missed a family weekend together.

I was back for a week, and then I went to California with some colleagues to look at 1:1 laptop programs.  We were non-stop visiting schools, and we visited Apple Headquarters.  It was more fascinating that I could have imagined.

Since then I have been playing catch up at school from being out so much.  Time seemed to fly by, and then my mom and Maurizio arrived on the 22nd of October, we started Fall Break on the 23rd, and then Todd left today to go to Bali for a workshop.

Todd arrives home on the 2nd of November,  and then play rehearsals will be in full swing, so it will be a while before we are in a “normal” schedule.

Meanwhile, Riley is enjoying KA, swimming lessons, and later this month she resumes ballet lessons.  She is obsessed with Halloween right now and is constantly asking when her party is going to be.  The 31st is the answer.  She is going to be a Peruvian soccer player – thanks to Julie Lemley for the costume.  We are making a ton of treats for the event, and I am working on a craft and a game.  It should be very cute!  I will try to remember to take photos.

Tess is now in 1/2 day BBP.   She loves it, but she is struggling to follow the rules.  Tess wants it her way or no way?  I cannot imagine that!  I went to Tess’s class for a little Halloween party.  I read them a book about a little girl getting dressed up and trick or treating.  Then we decorated Halloween goodie bags, and then I stood in the bathroom in the classroom, and then the kids knocked on the door and yelled, “Trick or Treat.”  Each one of the kids got an orange and a bag of popcorn.  Tess loved it, and I think the other kids enjoyed it.  I was worried whether she’d be ok when it was time for me to leave, but she was great!


The day after my mom and Maurizio arrived, we had Tess’ Shichi-Go-San festival at the local shrine with other foreign kids.  That is the festival that Riley did last year where she dressed up in a kimono.  Tess saw the strange socks, thought they wouldn’t fit her, and refused to get dressed.  After 30 minutes and lots of bribing, she finally got dressed, and then told me later that she loved the camel socks the best.  She had a blast, and then we went out for dim sum and some shopping. Here are the photos from the event.

Our next big event is that we leave for Hawaii in six weeks.  Looking back at our photos and blog posts, it seems like it has been a long time that we have vacationed as a family.  We are looking forward to relaxing in a tropical climate all together.