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Tess’s Birthday Continues

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Our birthday guidelines:

1. Guests don’t bring presents – this one is set up because we don’t have room in apartment for 20 more toys.

2. We buy the birthday girl a few gifts – around 3.

3. We also by the other sister a gift as well.  This helps with the whole sharing thing.   They usually end up switching gifts anyway.

Late night after Tess's party.  The gifts are wrapped, and now we wait until morning.

This year was a challenge because I like to have gifts and a celebration on their actual birthday, but Todd was going to be out of town on September 9th.  So we settled on having her open gifts the Sunday before her birthday.  It worked out well because it took her all morning to open the gifts. Really, I think it would have taken her all day if not for her sister’s insistence that she continue to open gifts.  Riley even went so far as to partially open the gifts to get Tessy to finish the job.  Here is the loot late Saturday night before Todd and I collapsed in exhaustion.

Sisterly Love

Then on Wednesday, Tess’s real birthday, Todd headed out with the middle school trips, and we celebrated Tess’s birthday in her classroom.  I made homemade yellow cake cupcakes and chocolate butter cream frosting.  They were delicious without the frosting, and I am told they were even better with it. Here are some photos Riley helping Tessy celebrate in her classroom.

Riley and Tess celebrate her birthday at Tess's school.

I think have officially finished Tess’s birthday celebration.  I now have a short reprieve before Riley’s 5th birthday, which will be in Hawaii this year.

Tess Turns Three

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They say it's your birthday... da nah nah nah

When we arrived in Japan two years ago, we threw Tess a party for her first birthday.  We had only been in the country for one month, and we had no idea how to do anything.  So when when I found out that Allie and Max, kids of new families, had their birthday right around Tessy’s, I decided to see if they wanted to have a joint party.  That is how we ended having a “2,3,4” party.  Maximo turned 2, Tessy turned 3, and Allie turned 4.

The birthday kids!

The mom’s planned the event, and Todd pitched in with a ton of delicious food, and everyone gathered at 4pm at the River to swim and play.  The cool Mickey Mouse like balloons that I bought popped all night long, but the weather was perfect and the food was superb.  Pretty much everything was eaten, there were no major disagreements (amongst the kids), so I call that a complete success.

Here are some photos of the event.