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Ballet Lessons

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Riley has been begging for ballet lessons for months.  After a long investigation, she has started lessons at the Entente with a Japanese teachers who speaks English.

The problem with this plan was that the lessons were Wednesdays 3:30-4:00, and Todd and I are in meetings every Wednesday so there was no way we could get her there.

However, that in no way was going to stop me.  Planets aligned, things worked out, and a high school senior is VOLUNTEERING to pick her up from school, take her to ballet, stay with her at the lesson, and bring her back to school.  It went fairly well the first time.  Riley was too exhausted to finish the lesson, and needed a juice pick me up afterward.  But I think things will go better next time when eats her afternoon snack on the way to ballet, and I pack a little juice for after!

Unfortunately next Wednesday is the last lesson for 2 months while the teacher is on a break.  So lessons will resume at the end of November.  Riley is so excited about ballet.  She tells me that several times a day.

The high school volunteer is heaven sent, and she even took photos of Riley at her first lesson.  Here they are!

Photos, School, Exercising, and Birthdays

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There is not enough room in our bed for everyone.

So I sat down this morning after my walk to upload the photos, and I, surprisingly, found a ton of photos on Todd’s computer from this summer.  So here are a random collection of photos from this summer that didn’t make it into the other summer albums.

Here are a few photos of Riley, Tess and I ready for our first day of school.  None of them are perfect, but very true to life in the Welbes household.

Every since the beginning of August, Todd and I have taken turns walking the greenbelt in the morning.  Todd goes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and I walk on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.  Todd is doing some interval training, and I am just walking as fast as I can.  We are both planning on participating in the 5K on Awaji Island on October 18th.  We will keep everyone informed on how we do.

The green belt is a 5K walking path around our island that separates the industrial outer zone from the residential inner zone.  Every time I walk, I see some of the same people.  There is a lovely older man that gives me a great smile, and a nice “Good Morning” (in Japanese, of course).  This morning I saw lots of wild cats.  I also saw about 30 people fishing were the greenbelt meets the ocean.  I also saw a tug boat come within a few feet of the boardwalk.  I saw a blind woman walking with her guide dog.  The best part was that the skies where blue, and the air was clear.  The worst part was that it was already very hot!

Julie, Celia, and I went shopping at Toys R Us yesterday after the husbands spent most of the day running errands.  I loaded up on presents for Tess’s birthday, which is right around the corner.  I cannot believe she is going to be 3.  We are working more at the potty training, and she is making progress.  Hopefully, she will join BBP in October.

School Begins

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School started for Todd and I on Monday, and Todd has been working non-stop with teachers incorporating and teaching technology.  He hasn’t had 2 seconds to spend on thinking about his two drama courses.  Lucky for him, he is great on the fly, especially when it comes to performing.

I am now in a small office, and I teach my 2 classes in other people’s classrooms.  My office is coming together – slowly.  I get a couch and a chair next Wednesday, so I will post some photos later.

Riley starts KA this year, which is really Kindergarten A – or a program for 4 year-olds.  She is very excited to be returning to school, but she is sad that her best friend is in the other KA classroom.

Tess was supposed to start BBP, the Building Blocks Program, at the school this year, which is for 3 year-olds, but one of the requirements is that the students have to be FULLY potty trained.  We worked on it the second half of the summer, and her response initially was, “I don’t like the potty!”  But now she is coming around, and she will use it occasionally, but definitely not regularly.  She is not yet technically 3, so I am not in any rush.  She can join later this year if there is space.  Also, if she doesn’t start the program until next year, I am totally ok as well.  I would rather her be a leader than struggle to keep up.  So Tess will be in the 2 year program again at the school with her best bud, Denis.

Photos of the girls will come soon.

Tess Strikes Again

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Tess blows loudly on a musical instrument.

I say, “That’s a recorder.”

Tess responds with, “No, it’s a bloop.”