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Spur of the Moment Sunday

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Todd and I had a date night on Saturday night, and we went to see The Watchmen, which we both liked, and we arrived home to find our kids still up at 11:00pm.  Since we all went to bed so late, we had a great sleep in until 9am.  Todd and I had no real plans for the last day of our spring break – only to go grocery shopping and pick up our drycleaning.  However, Jon called us and asked if we wanted to go to an indoor playground, but they wanted to leave early.  So we agreed and hurried to get all of us ready in under an hour.

Since the day was beautiful outside, we decided that Awaji would be a better destination.  So off we went without any decent maps, and only a few ideas.

The longest suspension bridge in the world connects Honshu island with Awaji.

We spent a long time trying to find this Pasture place that advertised bbq and live animals.  We did eat some great food, but when we went to the animals, it was bizarre.  Half of the facility looked like it was straight out of the 1950s, and then it looked like some was under construction.  Needless to say we didn’t stay long.


We then headed to the Awaji Prefecture Park, which was a great place to fly our kite, which Tess didn’t want to share.  Everyone eventually got a turn flying the kite.  Then we were off to explore the rest of the park which had great slides and playgrounds.

There is a still a ton more to do on the island that we have yet to discover – beaches, petting zoos, and flower parks, but we will wait for another beautiful day.  Here are the photos.

March: Month of Medicine

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So here are some photos of the girls at the playground and around the house.  The playground photos date back to the first weekend in March.  We actually left the playground early that day because Riley was being a brat, and Tess clung to me.  Well, turns out that was the beginning of the sickness that we are all just now getting over.

Todd, Kirsten, Riley and Tess, and lots of monkeys!

Luckily we were all well enough to venture out for some fun during Spring Break.  During the week long breaks at Fall and Spring, we usually have a babysitter come in for one day while we head off to see some of Japan.  Well, this break we brought along the kids.  We headed out to Arashiyama, just west of Kyoto.  There is a river which we took a boat ride on.  There is a Monkey Park where we saw monkeys.  There is cute shops where I bought another charm for my cell phone.  The girls were great, and we only got a little rained on.  Here are the photos.

Truckin’ On

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Sorry we have been out of touch lately.  We have been juggling work and staying home with sick kids.  The girls have been playing tag team with illness since we arrived back in Japan in January.   The latest round included 5 days of fever for Tessy and tonsillitis for Riley.

Riley and Tess take over the land and make it theirs.

Right now we are relaxing in the midst of our spring break.  We have had several playdates and a trip to IKEA  where we bought new bright orange couch covers, a new kid table, and a new green duvet for our bed.  I was trying to get my Japanese driver’s license, but I don’t think that is going to happen.  I am still hoping to see some Sumo wrestling, cherry blossoms, and some other sites around town.

I am in love with Todd’s new ipod touch, and I was looking through his photos on the train coming back from IKEA, and I encountered some photos from Christmas that I had not seen before.  Somehow they slipped through the 300+ photos from our break home.  Here they are!