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Days out with Denis

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DSC_8190.JPGQuick update from the Children’s Social Group of Kobe.  Following my return from the Middle School ski trip on Saturday, we got together with the Schatzky’s (all three!) and took off for a day at Bornelund.  Puzzles were solved, slides were slid, and the ball pit needs a wash.  This was Denis’s first trip to our favorite Scandinavian indoor playland for under-sixes.

Riley really likes the fish.Then on Monday, our day off, a group of us went into Osaka for the Aquarium.  All the kids loved the trip, though it will take a few gallons of Windex to get all the finger and face smudges off the glass.

After the Aquarium, we went on the tallest ferris wheel in the world (according to an eleven-year-old sign at the ticket booth), followed by a seafood lunch to celebrate the afternoon’s amazing exhibits.

Enjoy the photos.

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Hey! Look who is here!

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Well, they did it.  Jon and Celia adopted Denis from Russia, and now they are home as a family.  It look just over 13 months with one month of that spent living in Russia, but Denis is so cute, happy, funny and healthy.  Here is a picture of Tess and him playing together.


We have been down with flus and such for most of this month, but Riley and I made to school on Tuesday, and we have been slowly recovering.   We felt well enough to bike to the mainland to visit a superstore to return a coat Todd bought.  It turned out to be a much longer bike ride than we thought, but it wasn’t too painful.  The kids saw a forklift and bulldozer at work, and boats in the docks.  Tess fell asleep on the way back, but she was able to keep her miami in the whole time.

Christmas continues as we got the first box from Vicky that is filled with left over Christmas presents.  The girls played with their toys, and I loved the new clothes.  Celia and Jon even got their Robeez.

Finally, Todd is off for the next two weeks.  He is going with grade 8 to the ski trip this Wednesday,Thursday, and Friday.  Next week he goes to Manila with APAC Theater.

We don’t have many photos, so we will get on that immediately.