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Holy Crap! Riley can read!

In : General, Posted by on Dec.12, 2008

I went to read Riley her nightly books, and she read the title of one of the books by sounding it out.  I opened up the book and said that we should read it together.  But when I did that, I realized it was way too hard.  I told Riley we should read Dragon Egg instead.  This is one of the Level 1 reading books.

She is really good at phonics, and so I was prepared to sound out all of the words.  Not necessary.  She read them all.  She made a few mistakes, but she knew about 95% of the words.  She struggled with: rolls, along, through, flies and past.  She knew by sight: the, a, dragon, egg, castle, road, town, waiting.  She sounded it out bang and hill.  It was really cool.  I will see if I can get some video of her reading it or another book.

Photos from her concert and school birthday party coming soon.

Santa comes to Kobe!

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We had our adult Christmas Party this past Saturday night.  There are no pictures from that, and that is a good thing!

However, the kid Christmas Party was also this past weekend, and cuteness abounds here.