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Japan Makes Us Giggle

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Sometimes things in Japan make us giggle.

When they use real plants to decorate a construction site on a sidewalk.






When they use fake plants to camoflauge machinery.






When a consumer store looks more a military intelligence fortress.







Yes there are adorable pictures of my children too. I know you don't actually come to read my thoughts.

Riley Turns 3

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Riley arrived three years ago on New Year's Eve.  She was early, and Todd did not believe I was in labor until the doctor verified it.  Eight hours later after oxygen and some stressful decells, Riley made her appearance. 

She was born bald and still just has a sprinkling of blond hair.  I swear she has never had a haircut.  She is now  a big girl and occasionally uses the potty and sometimes pees wherever she wants.

Riley definitely knew this year what a "birthday" is.  She had asked for several months for birthday cake, presents, and balloons.  She practiced holding her fingers up into a three, which is very difficult for a 3 year old.  

To celebrate her birthday, we had several kids and their parents over to our house for some snacks, mimosas, juice, and Texas sheet cake.  A good time was had by all.  

As she fell asleep, she whispered "Happy Birthday to Me." 

Todd and I are fairly inadequate parents, and we forgot to take pictures of Riley's birthday.  We did get a few of the actual party, and then some of her playing with her toys.  We also took some amazing shots of Tess, who is becoming more beautiful day by day.  Here they are.



Bali Jolly Christmas

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So on the 21st of December we headed to Bali. We flew Garuda, the Indonesian airline. They moved us to four seats together even though we only had 3 seats (as Tess was a lap baby). We ended up in the aisle in front of the tv. It was 6 and a half hour direct flight. The kids each slept for 2 hours, although not the same two hours. It was a great flight. Todd and I were both able to watch the in flight movie, Oceans 13 – a first since having kids.

We arrived in Bali to enormous immigration lines, but after a short drive to Nusa Dua, we arrived at our hotel, the Nusa Dua Beach Resort and Spa. The hotel is beautiful, especially lit up at night. Lindsay had arrived earlier that day and had already checked in for us. Our rooms ended up being across the hall from each other.

We spent the first couple of days laying by the pool and relaxing. The pool was fantastic. It was called a lagoon pool because it very shallow and the bottom of the pool was covered in sand that extended a few feet out of the pool. The depth of pool was perfect, and the girls loved playing in the dry and wet sand. Todd, Lindsay and I lay by the pool while the kids played at our feet. Unfortunately, it rained on the 24th. We decided to camp out in the room and watch the movie, Ratatouille, which the girls got for Christmas from my mom. On Christmas Eve night Todd and I had a spa package which was incredible and much deserved. The next day, Christmas, it rained again, but that did not stop us from our expedition to Ubud and a day of shopping. When Todd and Lindsay lived in Indonesia as kids, they got name placards carved out of wood. We bought the same thing for Riley and Tess. Again the 26th it rained, but we were already room bound, as both kids came down with fever, and Riley threw up. We hung out while the girls slept the day away. Finally, the morning of the 27th was a beautiful partly sunny day, and both of the girls woke up fever free and in good spirits. We spent our last day in Bali soaking up more sun and venturing into the sea urchin invested ocean.

We took the redeye back to Osaka, and that flight was miserable. We arrived home around noon on the 28th and spent the rest of the day recovering.

We all loved being in Bali and cannot wait to go back. Here are our (including Lindsay's) photos from the trip.