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Christmas Day (Observed)

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Santa came early to our house since we had no intention of lugging any presents to Bali.  We decided not to put any presents under the tree until Santa came.  This way little fingers didn't feel the need to pick away the paper, so it was quite a shock to Riley to come out and see all of the presents at once.  It took the both of them a little over 2 hours to open all of the gifts.  They had to play with each toy after it was unwrapped.  We had four skype calls: one from Dan, one from my mom, one from Dan and Vicky, and finally one from Jon Schatzky who called us from Phuket, Thailand.  We also talked on the phone to Maurizio. 

After hours of opening gifts and playing with the new presents, we ventured out of the house to buy our family gift.  We purchased a piano for all of us.  Riley and Tess love to bang on the keys.  Todd and I are starting to teach ourselves.  It is electric piano with 88 full size weighted keys, but it is only about a foot deep.

Right now Riley is playing with her Little People airplane, Tess is eating a banana, Todd is playing the piano, and I am laying on the couch, so it is a typical post Christmas morning, but it just happens to be the 20th. 

Well packing for Bali began last night with me picking out the girl's clothes.  Now it is time to get serious.  Our bus leaves for the airport at 7:30am tomorrow morning.

Here are the pictures from Christmas (Observed).  Todd is working on a video, but I cannot even begin to estimate when it will be finished. 

Safe Travels Everyone! 

Tess Walks!

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Tess Olivia is now among the walking. See proof here.

This past Friday night Jon, Celia, Murray, Todd and I went into Kobe and had some Kobe beef and saw the light display in the memory of the Hanshin Earthquake in Kobe in 1995. It was spectacular (and cold). Here are the photos.

The last box from the States arrived today, and so we are now ready for some serious wrapping and hiding. We will have Christmas on the 19th before we go to Bali on the 21st. We will put photos and video footage up before we head off.

Have a great holiday season!

It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

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We had another long weekend for the American Thanksgiving.  We decided to take a trip up into the mountains.  It was beautiful and cold.  Here are the pictures.

Since then we have had non-stop Christmas preparation and fun.  Click here for photos of our Christmas Tree and Kid Christmas Party.

One last final note – Riley peed in the toilet yesterday!  Hooray!  It only happened once, but it is the first step on the long road of potty training.