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Deepest, Darkest Peru

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From Monday, the 21st, to Friday, the 26th, I chaperoned 26 members of the 11th grade on their science research trip to the jungle.  It took us 2 full days to get to our destination.  We flew to Puerto Moldanado via Cusco.  Then we traveled by bus and canoe (7 hours) to finally reach our destination deep within the Tambopata National Park.  We were staying at the Tambopata Research Center on the Tambopata River (which flows into the Madre de Dios river which flows into the Madera river which flows into the Amazon River).  The kids collected and crunched their data and in between explored the wilds of the jungle.  I saw three species of monkeys, 30 bird species including 6 species of parrots, capybara (giant rodent), tayra (giant weasel), agouti (giant guinea pig), and several caimen (small alligators).

The kids were fabulous.  I missed my kids (and my husband) terribly, but I am so glad that I got to experience the jungles of Peru.  I can now leave Peru with no regrets.

Here are the photos.

Caught Up

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It took me six months, but I have finally caught up with all of the pictures. I am now just missing 5 videos which I will start tomorrow.

I would like to blame having two small children, lack of sleep, traveling, and work, but the real culprit is my new found love of Young Adult literature. If you haven't read Maniac Magee – go out right now and buy a copy and read it. Wow!

Anyway, back to the pictures. I added a Houston album in January 2007. I created a new album, Lima Summer 07, and filled it with pics. Finally, there is a new album in our Travel main album called Mancora. We just went for the long weekend of April 27th to May 1st.

Other updates:

Todd's rehearsals for his show, The Real Inspector Hound, are in full swing and the play goes up in one month.

Riley is having a great time at Nido, and says everything we do – and not always what we want her to say.

Tess is incredible. She is standing now and we don't think it will be long before she walks. She is not quite 8 months.

I am enjoying these last months with 2 full time nannies. We are beginning full moving mode. We have sold most of our possessions, and now we are taking every Saturday to clean out our crap so we move as little as possible.

Enjoy the photos!