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Selling Out!

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Many of you have been to our home, but how many of you ever thought about taking a piece of it with you? Well, now you can!

When Kirsten, the girls, and I move to Japan, we will trade out three-story Peruvian townhome for new digs roughly the size of an especially luxurious portable toilet. In order to squeeze in, we’ve got to get rid of some of the trash fine collector’s pieces that we have accumulated over the past five years. Our loss of square-footage is your gain of things to plug in or place on a mantle.

Email us if you see anything you’d like, or if you have any questions. You’ll find links to pictures of most items, but if you want to see them in person, just drop by. All prices are O.B.O. (and “best” for us is two to three times the asking price, but we’ll leave it to you to set the figure).

You can also view the full spreadsheet in all is Googly glory.

Florida is Warm!

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The family headed to Florida to visit my mom and Maurizio.  To sweeten the pot my aunt and her boyfriend were also there.  Riley had yet another Christmas and yet another birthday.  The kid is going to think that she receives presents every time she flies.  

Todd made gumbo, Riley ordered everyone around, and people could not stop cuddling Tess.  So everyone enjoyed themselves.

Here are some fabulous photos of the festivities, some swimming, and our trip to the Seaquarium.