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Canada is Cold!

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The Duncombe Family decided to have a family reunion in Banff this past Christmas.  Everyone was able to make it and we all had a great time.  We have decided to return to Banff every 5 years for Christmas and more family.  So yes, we do already have plans for Christmas 2011.  We are hoping by then that we will all know how to ski! 

It was so cold that Todd, Riley, Tess and I rarely went outside, but we all still enjoyed ourselves.  Riley refused to wear her gloves, so her hands got chapped and hurt and she screamed until I warmed them up with my breath.  Tess was bundled, but her cheeks still managed to get chapped. 

We ate ourselves stupid – Old Dutch potato chips, cabbage rolls, and enormous turkey dinner.  For all of those Canadians out there, you will be happy to know that our first meal in Canada was A&W.  Riley ate her fries and tried desperately to stay awake (after 35 hours of being awake) while watching her DVDs on the player in the minivan.  

Here are our pictures of Canada and the Family in Banff.