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Christmas Prep Work

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Now that it is the end of January and the holidays have long since passed, I can sit down with my photos and look back at the past holiday season.

I returned back to work on December 6th and worked frantically to tie up all of the loose ends.  Todd and I had to pack for Canada, Florida and Texas for 7 weeks.  We made our final travel plans, and we flew out the night of the 22nd of December (which was our last day at school).  

The flight was long and we almost missed our flight to Calgary and we thought we were not going to get our luggage.  Luckily everything worked out.  

Here is a video of Riley eating popcorn in Lima before we left for the holidays.  Also there are photos of Santa and Riley.  There are photos and a video of Riley painting picture frames for her grandparents.  Finally, here are the photos of our 30 minute stop in the Houston airport on the way to Calgary on December 23rd.

Riley’s Special Week

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I know you are all probably thinking that Christmas week and Riley's birthday (the 31st) would be her special week. Well, you are wrong.

Her special week was November 20 – 24. That week was all about Riley at Nido. I made three posters of all things Riley: her family, her likes, and her life. Most people just bring one poster, but I am a supreme over achiever, and I was on maternity leave with not much else to do. In addition to having posters up of her, Todd and I went in on Thursday, Thanksgiving, and brought frames for all of the students to paint and give to their family as gifts.

Here are some photos from her special week (and a couple of cute photos from November). Here are some videos from her special week: playing and painting.

More videos and photos soon, Rachel!