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My time as a stay at home mom is almost at an end. I return back to work a week from Wednesday.

I am not sure how I feel about that. I never thought I would make it this far without the stimulus and excitement that work brings (I do ACTUALLY enjoy my job). Luckily I have had to go in to help in lessons, field trips and meetings, so I haven't been completely isolated from adult English conversation.

I enjoy being at home with the girls, especially with the help of two nannies/housekeepers. I know I will miss the amount of time with them, but not going back to work sounds like a death sentence (for me – and I in no way criticize those who choose not to continue with work).

My main concern is how difficult breastfeeding becomes when you return to work. So far it has been an enjoyable experience with little to no stress. Shortly I will have to pump, feed her formula, or race home several times a day. Luckily I get an hour off each day to pump or return home and living only a five minute walk away makes that remotely possible – but still stressful.

I cannot believe how fast the time has flown and how quickly the girls have grown up in that time. Tess is HUGE!! Almost 15 pounds and long. She is holding her up and doing baby push ups! She is trying to roll over and pushes her legs out to crawl!! Riley is a little chatterbox and we can usually understand about half of her words. Her favorite word right now is cae (which means "it falls") everything falls (or really more like Riley drops or throws everything).

I have FIVE new videos. Wow!! I know. We have had a lot for awhile now and I just needed to sit down and render them into a usable size. First up is Riley in our front garden in her Halloween costume as a Texas A&M Cheerleader. Next up is a video showing off Tess incredible neck strength. Then there is a short clip from our latest visit to the Zoo. The final two videos are from this past weekend when Riley and Tess were playing in Riley's room. The first in the series is DJ REW which was immediately followed by Sitting and Smiling.

In addition to this wonderful array of video clips, there are also new photos in the November 2006 album. There are photos of Riley playing at school, Tess sleeping, Riley playing with her color while wearing a winter vest and her gloves, and Riley jumping on a trampoline at a friend's second birthday party.



I can see the light at the end of the tunnel

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I am completely convinced that Peru gives 3 months maternity leave not to let moms breastfeed, but to give moms time to take care of all of the paperwork that is necessary.

I have had to:

– register the birth

– return three days later to pick up multiple copies of the birth certificate

– get a Peruvian passport

– get a Consular Report of Foreign Birth

– get a US passport

Each of these has their own time restrictions and mountains of mandatory paperwork.

Some funny stories…

– When I registered Tess's birth I did not have Todd with me. The man at the office told me I needed him. Not to be dissuaded, I called our personnel head and she convinced him (in better Spanish than mine) that I, in fact, did not need my husband there to sign for her birth.

– During this same visit the person and I argued about her name. Peruvians have two last names their paternal and their maternal. Tess is officially Tess Olivia Welbes Welbes. When I told him that was not correct, she should only have one last name. He informed that Tess was Peruvian and Peruvians have two last names.

– When I returned to get copies of her birth certificate, I was the stupid foreigner. Todd and I had decided to get 20 copies – hopefully enough for the rest of her life. We figured that it was much easier for us to get them now than for Tess to get them in 20 years. However, the system is not prepared for people like me – stupid foreigner. I asked the cashier for 20 copies, she looked at me in horror and spent the next 20 minutes printing out receipts (20 of them to be exact). This process took so long the line behind me soon extended out the door. Why? Stupid foreigner.

– Tess's Peruvian passport was no less interesting. I found out the passport office is underground underneath a huge traffic circle. I went with a person from school, a nanny, and Tess. Again, stupid foreigner. Babies get special treatment and don't have to wait in line, but I was not assertive enough (can you imagine?) and ended up waiting an extra 20 minutes because I didn't want to piss off the gate keeper. It was only when Marlene (Tess's nanny) dragged me to the front that we moved forward in line.

– Finally, the US passport was pretty straight forward mainly because we have done it before and it being our native tongue and all. The most hideous part of this errand was the preparation. We had to document all of the time we were in the states and abroad since BIRTH! That was not easy.

Oh well, it is almost over. All I have left to do is pick up her US passport on or after November 29th. Then once I get home we will get her a social security card.

In between my errands I have also been taking pictures. Here are some of Tess around the house, us at the zoo, and Tess's headshots for her passport. Enjoy.

Halloween Part II (and a little more)

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Riley went to Nido on Tuesday as a fat pumpkin and she was adorable. She had no idea she was a pumpkin. She referred to the pumpkin as "eye", "eye", "beep" (for the nose), and "happy" (for the mouth). We visited each of the classrooms in the Nido to trick or treat. I think everyone was a little freaked because I kept saying "trick or treat" instead of the Peruvian version of saying "Halloween" to get candy. Here are the photos.

Also I just received more photos from my friend from our baby shower, which took place at a wine bar and of Day 1 with Tess.