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Enough photos to keep everyone happy for days

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My mom and I have been taking pictures like crazy. Riley has been super cute and I am trying to take as many photos as I possibly can of Tess so she doesn't have 2nd child neglect. There are tons of photos that document Riley's obsession with Elmo and tons of Tess asleep.

Enjoy the pics!

Christmas in September

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Well, we had a Christmas in July when Vicky and Dan came down to visit, and when my mom arrived on Sunday morning, it was Christmas all over again. Tess and Riley received tons of clothes, DVDs and books. I got a book, DVDs, and nursing supplies. Todd, forever the minimalist, got steel cut oats, and all of us will benefit from the portable DVD player.

Mom has been a shutterfly since landing, so enjoy the new pics.

Week 1 with 2

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So far so good. I feel as I type those words that I am just begging for something to go wrong. Tess is sleeping beautifully. Over the last three nights she has slept for 5, 8.5, and 6 hours continuous hours!! With everyone getting good sleep, things haven't been too stressful.

However, Todd's week long paternity leave has now officially ended. Luckily next week is only a three day week for Todd and then we have a 4 day long weekend. My mom arrives tonight so we should survive the next couple of weeks. Can you tell that my biggest fear is being left alone with Riley and Tess?

This week has been actually enjoyable for Todd and I. After wrestling the baby away from the clinic we returned home early in the afternoon on Monday – just before Riley came home from Nido. On Tuesday Todd, Tess, and I headed to the grocery store while Riley was at Nido. Wednesday Todd, Tess, and I headed out again and hit the newest Starbucks for some free wireless internet. Thursday Tess and I walked to school with Gloria, Marlene, and Riley for some fun in the Elementary School playground. Finally, on Friday we headed back to Starbucks and then on to the grocery store – again! Nothing super entertaining, but it was good to get out of the house. My recovery has been very speedy – Thank you Tess.

It has been great getting to know Tess and her ways – which lucky for us – are easy to interpret. I made two videos, which are essentially just clips connected by fading. These are not the cinematic wonders that Todd creates, but they will satiate your need for all things Riley and Tess Welbes. The first video is of Tess and the second one is Riley and Tess. There are also new pictures of the girls.



Riley meets Tess

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Day 1:

Riley came to the hospital in the evening hours just after Tess was born, and she was wearing her "Big Sister" Tee. She was very interested in the baby, but when asked if she wanted to touch the baby, her answer was no. After receiving many gifts from the baby, Riley decided that she did want to touch the baby, and stroked Tess's hair. Then we asked her where Tess was, and instead of pointing to my belly (which is the usual response), she pointed to the "real" Tess.

Day 2:

Riley visited us in the hospital in the morning this time.  After being here for a wile, Riley is convinced that she should "kiss kiss" Tess and gives her two light pecks on the head. Riley then decided that she wanted to hold Tess, which lasted all of 5 seconds, but we have pictures to prove it. Finally, Riley likes to "beep" people's noses. When she does it, everyone in the room gets "beeped". So Riley "beeped" Tess's nose twice today.

Day 3:

This happens tomorrow when Todd and I leave the hospital and return home. This is when things should get very interesting. We will keep everyone posted.

For now enjoy pics of Riley and Tess together and some of Tess asleep.

Ladies and gentlemen: a baby.

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Sorry about the wait.

Tess Olivia Welbes finally condescended to join us at 2:20pm, Lima time. She weighs 7 lbs. 5 oz., and stands a towering 19 inches in height.

The birth was absurdly straightforward. Once the epidural was in, Kirsten took a little nap. The doctor woke her to inform her she was at eight centimeters, and if she was done stretching out, he would go deliver the baby. In the delivery room, everyone spent about ten minutes getting prepped and setting up. Then Kirsten pushed twice, and Tess popped out. Total time of labor: 8 hours.

So now, things are calming down. We've loaded Riley down with toys, by way of apologizing for ruining her single-childhood. Tess is in her bassinet, sleeping off her first meal. Kirsten and I are wondering what on earth we must have been thinking.

But, in short: all is well, the kids are healthy, and we're going to get some sleep. Thanks for the calls and visits today. We'll be sure to keep everyone updated in the next few days. Right now, though, I've got to go. Tess just pooped, and if I take care of this one, I might get out of diaper changing for a few months.

Wish me luck. Oh, and pictures.

It’s Labor Day, again

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Time to go. We are at 3cm, and Kirsten's ready to get that kid out of her.

I've discovered the wireless internet access in our labor room, so I'll be able to give the play-by-play. Yes, while Kirsten's plowed under with contractions, I'll be sitting over by the window, giving you, our faithful readers, every hair-raising detail.

Or, more likely, I'll be next to the bed, down on one knee from the pain of having my hand shattered by Kirsten's labor-grip.

In that case, I'll catch everybody up tomorrow. More soon, either way.

OK, we’re going to try this again

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Steady contractions for the last two hours.  We're headed back to the hospital to see what the pros have to say.

More soon, of course. 

And we thought Riley was stubborn

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Well, we never went back to the clinic last night because my contractions never got any stronger. They never let up either, so I am technically still in labor, but with little advancement. In addition, I am in enough pain to be uncomfortable, and not able to teach.

So I spent this morning on a huge long walk that entailed taking Riley to Nido with Gloria and going to the grocery store. I had hoped that this would intensify the contractions, which happened a little bit, but we are still not yet running to the clinic again.

I think everything happens for a reason – the room I want was taken yesterday and my doctor does not return from the states until midnight tonight. So Todd and I are hoping for a Friday delivery. We are keeping our fingers crossed. I am getting tired of having contractions every 3-5 minutes and still no sign of Tess.

Yesterday, Todd and I were disappointed (I was really more pissed off). Today Todd is back at work and we are both in awe of how fickle Tess is already and have a much better sense of humor about it (I am still pretty annoyed at all of the pain and none of the progress).

Keep checking the site and we will update it as soon as there is any changes to the situation.


…and we’re back

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Kirsten started this morning, as she does every day, by telling me she was definitely in labor. We went to work anyway, but by ten, things had gone too far, and we headed over to the clinic.

And now, eight hours later, we're home.

The good news is Kirsten is definitely in labor, and she has been for about the last eleven hours. The bad news is that labor has had almost no effect on Tess, who shows no particular interest in joining us. In the labor room, the doctor offered us the option of staying there for an indefinite period, or going home for the same amount of time. We chose the latter, where at least we can play with one daughter.

Next step is to return to the clinic at ten tonight for a progress report. More news as the situtation develops.

I broke and/or upgraded the website!

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It may seem a little soon for another new version of our site, but sometimes I just feel like really putting my knowledge of web-design to the test.

And at other times, I accidentally hose our photo gallery, removing all the pictures from our blog entries.

When that happens, I know it's time for big changes. So, I haven't broken our pictures, I've upgraded the entire site to a new platform. So now, the pictures aren't gone, I'm in the process of reformatting them for the new software.

And that's how I saved my marriage.

So anyway, for those who follow these things, we've bid farewell to WordPress (though we had a great time, and I think we'll always be close). The site now runs on Drupal, which means that, if I can figure it out some day, there might be some new stuff around here.

Before that happens, though, I need to focus on getting all the old stuff back up. These emergency upgrades aren't always seamless.