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Snug as a bug

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Tess Update:

My doctor heads to the States tomorrow for 2 1/2 weeks, so we had an appointment with him yesterday to see if I was ready to have this baby. The answer is NO! My cervix is long and completely closed.
Tess is already 6 lbs 4 oz, and is 19.5 inches long. And I still have a month to go!

For reference, with Riley I was already 1 cm dialated and she was 6lbs 11 oz and 19.25 inches long at BIRTH!

I am still working and plan to continue until I go into labor, but we will wait and see what happens. I now have a long-term sub, so I just have to get everything ready for her.

Clothes Rationale:

Rachel, our good friend who lives in Wisconsin with two kids of her own, commented about how ridiculous Tess’s closet is. Yea it is pretty ridiculous. Between my shopping sprees at Gymboree, the Hanna Andersson outlet here, and we just found a new place that sells clothes meant for Neiman Marcus for pennies on the dollar, I am surprised both girls don’t have more clothes. Rachel has also given me hand me downs from her daughter, Eleanor, and my mom loves to shop as well.

Also, I don’t want everything that Tess wears to be hand me downs, so I have bought her a couple things at each size that are new.

We don’t keep anything in drawers except for socks, bibs, hats, and blankets. Hanging everything up makes it look like more. The middle bar is 0-3 months, the bottom bar is 3-6 months, and the top bar is 6-12 months. So it really is clothes for her first year.

Really there is no excuse other than I LOVE shopping for little girl clothes, and you should see Riley’s reaction when she gets new clothes. It is priceless. She squeals, her eyes get big and her mouth makes a perfect “O”, and she says “ooooohhhhhhhh!”

Riley was super cute this weekend in her skirts. Check out the photos. There are also some of her when she was sick last week – sad, but cute.

Riley goes to school!

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Todd and I have put a lot of thought into preparing Riley for the birth of her baby sister, Tess.

  • I bought a miniature sling for her so she can “wear” her baby, while I wear Tess.
  • We already have a gift to give Riley when Tess arrives, so Riley thinks it is a celebration.
  • I hired another nanny to take care of Tess, so Riley doesn’t have to share her nanny.
  • I have been teaching her that there is a baby in mommy’s stomach, but when I ask her where the baby is sometimes she points at her stomach.
  • Finally, we decided to start her in preschool a little early so she will have a place to go away from a screaming newborn.

The nido, or preschool in English, is called Beginners.  It is about a 10-15 minute walk from our house.  She is in a class of 9 other 1-2 year olds (12 in the class is maximum).  Her teacher’s name is Pia, and speaks English and Spanish, and has two helpers.  The preschool has animals, lots of toys, and wall designed especially for finger paint.

She wears a uniform of pants, jacket, vest, and shirt, but she can wear whatever shoes she wants.  Today was her first day.  Gloria took her and stayed with her because Todd and I were at work.  She will stay with her the first week to get her adjusted to the place.  Here is how it went.

Riley got there around 9am and was totally overwhelmed by all of the other kids.  She sat with Gloria, and slowly warmed up and started playing with the toys.  Gloria said there were many kids who were crying, and she expected Riley to cry as well, but she didn’t.  Then Pia gathered up all of the one year olds to go to the classroom.  In the classroom they sang songs, listened to stories and played.  There were three other kids new to the nido (this is technically 1/2 way through the year because their school year is March through December).  These kids also had their nannies with them and Gloria said were really tense in the classroom.  I asked Gloria whether Riley was tense and she said once she warmed up and started playing outside, she was fine, but constantly looked over her shoulder for Gloria.  She stayed and played until 11:30.
Todd and I both agree – SUCCESS!!  She didn’t cry, she wasn’t stressed, and she is exposed to other kids.  She is superb around other adults, but a little shy around other kids because she spends 95% of her time around adults.

Here are some pictures that Gloria took of Riley today in her uniform at school.

P.S. At our doctor’s visit today at 34.5 weeks, I am not yet dialated.  Tess weighs 5.4 pounds, and is 18.5 inches long.

Video: Riley Wigs Out

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Check out our latest baby video to see Riley completely lose it.

I’m not sure if she snuck a pixie stick, figured out what’s in Daddy’s hip flask, or what, but she gets a little loopy here.

On the plus side, she’s pretty cute.

We are ready…

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As much as you can ever be ready for the birth of child. I am due six weeks from today, although my money is on an early birth, but we will wait and see.

Todd and I started back to work last week, and just as we did, I put the final touches on Tess’s room. Her room is much smaller than Riley’s – which I am sure is just the beginning of being second. But it is very colorful. Riley still sleeps in her crib, so this is the second one we have in the house. The wall hangings are made from a quilt and the bumper and curtain match. Vicky and Dan bought her the mirror while they were down. The changing table was Riley’s, and Riley has upgraded to a dresser because all of her changes occur in her crib. The room is so small that there is no real room for a bookshelf, so we bought colorful baskets and put them under the crib and filled them with toys and books. Riley has discovered them and now loves to play in Tess’s room. I put a twin bed in the room, so that I can take care of Tess and sleep a little without bothering Todd. He will get a week of paternity leave, but then he has to go back to work and be functional. The bedspread is hand embroidered from Guatemala. Finally there is the closet, which I made to look exactly like Riley’s and has much of Riley’s old clothes, although I have bought a few new things just for Tess.

Riley has continued to get cuter and cuter. Here are some photos of her from last weekend where she shows off her love of books and colors. Also here are some more photos of her from June and some of Todd’s birthday and High School Graduation.

Hopefully we will get at least one more post in before Tess arrives.