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Riley is too cute.  Here is proof.

What Riley Can Do

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We spend most mornings in bed while Riley watches pictures or videos of herself. She loves it! This morning we watched all of her old videos. Todd and I cannot believe it was only a year ago that we went to London. It feels more like a couple of years. We feel and look pretty much the same (except I have a rather large baby bump).

However, Riley is a totally different person. Here is a list things that she can do now that she couldn’t do a year ago:

  • walk
  • run
  • get to a standing position without holding on to anything
  • stack up to 4 blocks
  • look at books for hours on end and “read” to herself
  • color
  • use a fork and spoon
  • drink from a cup
  • point to objects when you ask her where they are (90% of everything in her world)
  • use sign language to say “more” and “bebe”
  • say “bebe”, “mama”, “numnum” (food), “noinoi” (night-night), “apple”, “upa” (up), ow (when she doesn’t like something), “no”, “bye-bye”, “bubble”, “hi”
  • brushes her teeth
  • dances
  • plays dress up with her hats
  • can find a particular book when you ask her to
  • clap
  • wave bye-bye
  • nod and shake her head as answers to your questions
  • blow (on things to make them cold or on dandelions to make them go “bye-bye”)
  • give kisses
  • crawl with lightening speed
  • remove her diaper

I don’t know when she stopped being a baby and became a little girl, but it seemed like it happened overnight!

June is finally upon us

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In the states June means heat and summer vacation.

Here in the Welbes household June has other meanings.

  • elections
  • birthdays
  • still in school!
  • winter
  • despedidas
  • visitors


All Peru is voting once again. Word on the street is that there could be protests depending on the outcome. School is still on for Monday, so life goes on for us. No alcohol for sale, though, Friday through Monday. Not that it really matters to me.


Todd and I celebrate our 30ths this year. So far neither of us has had much time to think about the change in decade.


Our last day for school is June 28th, but really we finish up this Friday with next week being review, the week after is finals, and then a half week to close up shop.


The weather in Lima is always temperate, but we have a “summer” and a “winter”. Summer is from Mid November to Mid May and then winter is Mid May to Mid November. In summer everyday is sunny and warm. In winter everyday is gray and misty. When the “seasons” change you get days like it has been – gray and misty in the morning, and then sunny and warm in the afternoon. This sounds nice, but when it is gray and misty, you put on pants, socks, and sweaters. Then when it reaches the mid 80s by 3pm, and you are boiling.


June is the month of good-byes (despedida) at international schools. We have approximately 12 people leaving the high school, and three people leaving the middle school. Neither Todd or I work in elementary so we have no idea. Some of these are people that we barely know, and some of them are our good friends. So June tends to be a rather sad month, full of tearful good-byes.


Finally, our favorite part of June. I don’t know why, but most people who visit come in June. June/July is the best time to see Machu Picchu because it is the “dry” season (it still rained on us). This year Vicky and Dan, Todd’s mom and stepdad, will be visiting us from the 27th of June through the 8th of July. In the middle they will head to Machu Picchu because it rivals Riley in amazing sights of Peru.

In other news, the my evaluation visit went well, and we will know the outcome in 2-3 months. Todd’s play is coming together and goes up this Wednesday. And finally, Riley is honest to goodness, really walking – almost exactly at 17 months. Todd and I are both enjoying her hilarious gait. Here are some photos and video of her practicing her new skill. Also this is a picture of me last week – 24 weeks pregnant.

Lewis Black on Starbucks, Houston, and the End of the Universe

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We here at Welbi ‘Round the World pride ourselves on our original content–no plagiaristic link-bloggers we. Still, we’re feeling homesick, and last time we were in town we missed Lewis Black’s comedy tour, so this little video really hit the spot.

He’s been doing this joke for about four years now, but it never seems to get old. For those of you back home, next time your at the corner of Shepherd and West Grey, remember how perilously close to the edge you truly are.