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There and Back Again…16 hours in the Car

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Thanks to Jon Schatzky, Colegio Roosevelt has three four-day weekends this semester. The first one is coming to a close, but while it lasted we took advantage of every minute. We fled school at 3:45 on Friday after a very predictable Senior win at ICC ( for more), and headed out on the road. Our plan – drive for 3 hours, spend the night in Barranca and then wake up the next morning and drive the remaining way to Trujillo (really the beach resort next to it called Huanchaco.) Everything was great – except for the Barranca to Trujillo leg ended up taking us 5 hours.

While in Trujillo/Huanchaco we saw ruins from the Chimu and Moche cultures. We saw colonial architecture. We saw a lot of desert. The trip was great, but now we need another vacation to relax. Riley was fabulous. We found out 3 hours into the trip after several enormous throw ups that she gets car sick and cannot hold down any food. Luckily we had plenty of formula and that stayed down much better.

Here are the photos. Enjoy.

New New Video

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One more.

This one’s pretty much indefensible. If you’re not looking to hear a little baby laugh, then skip this video.

New Video

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If your Tivo is broken, feel free to fill your spare time with our new baby video.

In it you will find the thrilling story of a baby who can almost stand, and the cats who knew too much.

To the People of Louisiana: You’re Welcome

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Hello, Southern Louisiana–particularly those of you from New Orleans, and my good friends in Kenner.

As you probably know by now, we got a call from our bank last night, and they told us that we bought gas for all of you. Hope you enjoyed the ride up until they shut off my bank card. (And a private message to whomever spent $400 at Wal-Mart, remember: whenever you commit identity theft, spend the money at the Mom & Pops. My money may go a little farther at Wal-Mart, but at what cost to your community? Think globally, people.)

So, thanks to the good people down at the bank, Kirsten and I just had some $1,200 returned to our account. Now, we’re just trying to figure out who lifted our card information.

We never should have eaten at that Cajun restaurant in the airport.

London Follow-up: The Sights!

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We’ve been home for about ten days now, and it’s high time for our follow-up to London, complete with pictures of all the major attractions. Obviously, traveling with a baby changed our approach, but that didn’t mean we were going to miss out on all that eye-opening cultural majesty.

The Tower of LondonSo, first stop was the Tower of London. This is the fortress that William the Conqueror built to protect London’s precious financial district from his mortal enemies: the English. Now it is an awe-inspiringly expensive tourist trap.

The Tower BridgeWhile you’re near the Tower, you can’t miss the spectacular views of the Tower Bridge. It’s like two Big Bens with a road between them! Did I mention it’s blue?

Shakespeare's Globe TheatreThen it was off to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. You can tell it’s authentic because the r comes before the e. The meticulously reconstructed Globe offers everything an Elizabethan theater patron could hope for. Except bear-baiting. And I asked.

The famed winged bulls of AssyriaThe British Museum contains treasures from all around the world. Its collection of priceless, irreplaceable artifacts documents the histories and cultures of Greece, Rome, Egypt, Babylon, and countless other nations and peoples. You might well ask how Britain came to possess these rare and wonderful elements of other peoples’ civilizations. The office of the Prime Minister requests that you do not ask how Britain came to possess these rare and wonderful elements of other peoples’ civilizations.

The Parliament clock towerAnd of course, no trip would be complete without a picture of the Clock Tower at the Houses of Parliament. Most people know it as “Big Ben,” but what you might not know is that Big Ben isn’t the name of the clock or the tower: it’s the name of the bell!
The Clock Tower’s name is Alfred.

There you have it, all the highlights. For those who would like to see the trip at more detail (and in better focus), feel free to peruse the album.