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Saturday Morning

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Saturday Morning is the best time of the week. Todd and I get to stay home with Riley, and Riley is in a great mood after a big sleep.

We always play, Todd makes breakfast, and then we figure out how we are going to spend the rest our weekend.

Here are some pics of Riley from this Saturday morning.

Birthday Month

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Well, it’s almost the end of June. You know what that means – VACATION!! Todd and I are trying desperately hard to stay tuned in at school.

It’s been difficult because it has been such a busy month. We celebrated our birthdays with dinner at a fancy restaurant. We attended high school graduation where Todd read names.

But the highlight of the month for me was when I spent 12 hours on a boat bird watching. Celia and I along with 15 other bird watchers sailed 35 miles out into the Pacific Ocean to where the continental shelf drops off. On the way we saw great birds, sea lions, dolphins, and a whale (which I slept through). See lots of gray pictures with little black specks here.

Which reminds me we have a few more pics of Riley.