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Riley Eats…

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…pretty much all the time, really. But now, it’s different. Now it’s solid food. Now, it really smells in her diaper pail.

So this weekend, Riley had her first bowl of Gerber Barley Cereal. Doesn’t sound that good to me, and Riley didn’t think too much of it either.

Other barley cereal fun facts:

  • Pre-cooked, so you can make your thin, runny, barley-slag with warm or cold milk!
  • Dust-like grains are guaranteed impossible to clean out of corners and grout!
  • Dries in a fetching cement-gray color!

Anyway, I should just let you get to the pictures.

Spa Day and As Always More Riley

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There's nothing like a pedicure.Last Saturday, May 14th, Celia Schatzky and Erika Chapman, put together a fun filled day of pampering for a few ladies. The event was a complete success and my suggestion is that we do it every month. Here are the photos.

You asked for her - you got her.
In an unrelated incident Lindsay emailed me the following email “WHERE’S MY NIECE!?! Ok, it’s been too long. I want pictures. – Auntie Lindsay” Never wanting to upset another Welbes, I complied. Here she is in all of her perfection.

Quantity Time

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As working parents, Kirsten and I always worry that we are not spending enough time with our daughter. Some days can really seem like we just come home from work, feed her, and put her to bed. Without several, uninterrupted hours together, it’s hard to feel that emotional bond grow between parent and child. Riley is certainly feeling it as well—so much so, in fact, that she came up with a solution.

You see what Kirsten and I were too old and stuck-in-our-ways to notice, was that each day held 10 unused hours ripe for play-time: night!

So, for the last two days, Riley selflessly stayed awake and alert from 8:00 at night until 5:00 in the morning to amuse us. She would playfully shriek at full volume to get our attention, and, to improve the “parent-child bond” I mentioned above, would only quiet down if constantly rocked and patted.

Now according to the doctor, Riley had a rough reaction to her vaccinations last Thursday; so, I shouldn’t be flattered that she wanted to spend so much extra time with us. Either way, Kirsten and I are extremely relieved that she has grown bored with us, and is, as of this morning, sleeping through the night once again. Also, the doctor has said that she’s fine, and to prove it, here are some pictures.