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Oooh, shiny!

In : General, Posted by on Mar.03, 2005

Yes, it’s true! You are looking at our new, upgraded site.

What does this mean for you?


What does it mean for me? Hopefully, less spam in the comments. Oh, and a bunch of work bending the new default theme to my desired appearance.

Check back soon for other exciting developments in the backend! (Tony and Jon, that line was for you. Please feel free to flood the comments section with provocative posts.)

What’s New?

In : General, Kiddo, Picture Pages, Posted by on Mar.03, 2005

Haven’t heard much from us lately? Todd and I started back to work at the end February, so we are trying to figure out life with the baby AND full time jobs. Riley has been doing her part by sleeping through the night and by being super cute! Check out the lastest pics. Also check out the video that Todd made of Riley. We also finally published pictures of our new (as of July) place.

Return on investment

In : General, Posted by on Mar.03, 2005

No major news to report. Riley’s doing well, and Kirsten and I are scraping by on our new, more economical sleep cycle.

So, to tide everyone–both of you–over until some new adventure befalls us, here is a fantastic tale from Tony Olivero (of Tony and Carol fame). Assuming the name’s not already taken, I dub this “The Greatest Story Ever Told.”

Carol went to the store the other day to get stuff for dinner and realized at the checkout that she brought her purse, but left her wallet. A quick purse search turned up a sole dollar.

Thinking quick, Carol thought to herself, “if only there was some surefire way to invest this money in a no-load mutual fund, wait out the ups-and-downs of the market, and cash it in for some sweet grocery-buying action, all from the convenience of Randalls.”

Well, her outside-the-box thinking paid off, and she turned that dollar into $47 thanks to the good old Texas Lottery Commission. Got her damn groceries too.