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One Month Down

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Riley not picturedTodd, Kirsten, and Riley – against all odds – all survived the first month of Riley’s life. Riley is gaining weight like a true Welbes. Todd and Kirsten are getting just enough sleep to function and (for the most part) maintain their senses of humor. For pictures of Riley click here and for non-Riley related pictures click here.

For those that want the GORY details…

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I love to plan out everything in minute detail. This was one event in my life I did not plan. Here is how it all happened.

I had a doctor’s appointment on December 3oth. I was dialated 1.5 centimeters – a whopping .5 centimeter more than the week before. We made a plan that I would be induced on January 14th if I did not go into labor before then.

That night I lost my mucous plug, but did not get too excited as labor could start as much as a week later.

I had contractions all night long, but not regular. By 4:30am the contractions were too painful to sleep through and coming at 8 minute intervals. Todd would not believe that I was actually in labor (probably because I thought I was going into labor every day for the last 3 weeks). Finally around 9am, when my contractions were occuring every four minutes, lasting for a minute, and had been that way for an hour, I called the doctor. She said to come in for a check up. Which we did – LONGEST CAR RIDE EVER!!!

At the doctor’s office at 10:30am I was 2 centimeters – not much progress for 6 hours of pain!! I had to choose between returning home or going to the hospital. I chose the hospital.

By 2:30pm I was only 3 cm. The contractions were already pretty intense and so I opted for an epidural, they broke my water, and they gave me some pitocin to speed up my labor.

Apparently this labor inducing trio was too much for Riley because her heart rate dropped. They got it back up, but it was scary and then I was on oxygen to help her. Todd was out of the room at this point because no one is allowed in the room when the epidural is being given. It was quite a shock for him to return and see me with an oxygen mask on.

Once the baby’s heart rate returned to normal, the doctor checked me again, and now I was 5 centimeters dialated (about 4pm). At 5pm I was 7 centimeters. Finally at 6pm, I was completely dialtated and the baby’s head was right there and coming out.

The doc rushed in – things barely got set up in time. Just at this point the baby’s heart rate started to drop again. They had to get the baby out immediately or I had to have an emergency c-section. Three pushes (and some help – vacuum extraction and an episiotomy) at 6:19pm, Riley Elizabeth was born.

She was immediately taken by the neonatologist to assess her. Todd stayed with me for a little bit, but then went to see the baby.

The neonatologist said that she was having trouble breathing. She also still had amniotic fluid in her stomach. This is usually expelled during birth, but because it happened so fast she was not able to get rid of it. Todd was able to see her at this point and I got to see her in an incubator just before they took her to the NICU.

At 7:45pm the NICU allowed Todd to bring one grandparent at time in to see her. When he made his first trip, he found out that she had only been on oxygen for 2 minutes, and was breathing perfectly by herself, and she would spit up the remaining amniotic fluid by herself. Todd and I were so relieved. She ended up with an 8 APGAR, which is a good APGAR especially considering the circumstances.

So all grandparents and Todd were able to see her, but I could not leave my bed for 6 hours after birth, and she could not leave the NICU for 6 hours because she was under observation. Needless to say, I was inconsolable. Todd and I rang in the New Year together in the hospital room, and at 2am, January 1, 2005 – I finally got to hold my new baby. She roomed in with us 24 hours a day, and whenever they took her away I had to know how long she was going to be gone and who I needed to call to see when she was returning.

She is a week old today. I cannot believe how quickly the time has passed. Todd and I are obsessively in love with her. She is perfect in every way, and I cannot wait until everyone gets to meet her. I have it on good authority (Todd’s Grandmother) that she is the cutest baby.

Kirsten lost 10 pounds in one day!

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6:19pm, on the 31st of December 2004. One week early, frightfully cute, and defiantly nocturnal, Riley has finally made her grand debut. For those filling out their score cards: 6lbs. 11oz. and 19 1/4 inches long.

She already shows signs of the Drama Queen gene–most notably she’s been playing the perfectly-beautiful-slumbering-baby in public, and saving the shrieking fits for 1:43-4:37 in the morning. Also she arrived exactly twenty-four hours after our new video camera, so she could be sure of a larger audience for her video [~6MB].

So in short, Riley: healthy, Kirsten: recovering nicely, Todd: catatonic with shock and confusion. Click the head for more pictures.