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The Nursery

In : Kiddo, Picture Pages, Posted by on Oct.10, 2004

Pictures of the nursery in progress are up in the Photo Album. The bedding, which isn’t yet on the bed, is white sheets with animals and the bumper is blue with animals. We are also trying to find or make a glider. But at least those that are interested can see the beautiful furniture and mobile that my mom and Maurizio bought us. Our only purchase has been the wicker laundry hamper and rug (which we bought when first arrived in Peru).

I have restrained myself nicely (with a little help from Todd) from draining my bank account on a daily basis on anything baby related.

Brilliant Marketing

In : General, Posted by on Oct.10, 2004

Apparently, Kirsten and I have a whole lot of friends over at

I mean, many of you, while visiting our site, have been kind enough to leave a comment here, or some feedback there. I am sad to say that none of you so called “friends” and “family” have been able to match the zeal and verbosity of our new friends at Not by a long shot.

Why, just this morning they sent in no less than 150 separate comments, ranging from “COME PLAY TEXAS HOLDEM NOW” to “PLAY WITH PEOPLE FROM AROUND THE WORLD” and “LIKE A CASINO RIGHT ON YOUR COMPUTER!!!!!1”.

It’s truly magical the way the internet can bring people together.

Unfortunately, these comments weren’t quite on topic (i.e. babies and local disasters), so I took the liberty of deleting them. Also, I am considering measures to slow down some of that traffic in the future. Specifically, I have set up a comment filter which will force me to manually accept or deny posts which include certain highly-secret keywords. So, just be warned, if your comments include the words “viagra,” “hot cheerleader,” or “Nigerian finance minister,” it may take a bit longer to post than normal.


Baby Update

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After several ultrasounds that triple confirmed it, the baby is for sure a little girl. Her name will be … Riley Elizabeth Welbes. I will be heading States side on December 1st so I look forward to seeing everyone then.